Updating School Information

When creating your account, you have submitted your information. You can update the school information by modifying the existing information or adding some more information.

To update school information:

  1. From the Sign In drop-down list, click Schools.

2. In the Sign In (School) page, enter the e mail ID and password and click Submit.

The School Information page is displayed.

3. In the Sports Offered area, all the sports the school offers are displayed in a list.

4. In the Reservebox Information area, you can promote your lessons and add a custom Reservebox to any Web site. The Reservebox provides anyone the ability to place reservations to your lessons. To display your school's Reservebox in any Web site, copy and paste the iFrame code from your account information into any Web site. It looks like this:

<iframe src="UNIQUE CODE MUST BE COPIED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT" frameborder="0" style="width: 210px; height:600px; padding: 0; margin: 0px; border: none;"></iframe>

You need to paste your school iFrame code from your account. iFrame is a special tag which is used to load one web page into a part of another web page.

        5. In the Referral Information area, your referral code is displayed. Real Sports Now helps you generate income by distributing links to
http://www.realsportsnow.com with your ref_school_id attached to the URL. For example, if you would like to link the home page, you can use the following code: http://www.realsportsnow.com/?ref_school_id=XXXXXX

        6. In the Edit Profile area, update the fields you like to. When you write your schools Biography be sure not to talk about classes, times, cost, or specific instructors - all that comes later. 

        7. To add images in the Header Image area and Logo Image area, click the respective Upload Image buttons. To delete the uploaded image, click the Delete Image button.

Note: It is recommended that you use a photo editing software to upload the image files with an appropriate size. For a header image, the suggested size is 920x225. For a Logo image, the suggested size is 200x200.

        8. Click Submit.

Note: Once schools submit all information and set up everything, they can preview the profile. If they think everything is good, then they can select the Ready to go Live check box so our site admins can review your school and approve it for display on RealSportsNow.com. Remember to press "submit" at the bottom after checking the "Ready to go Live" checkbox. Your iFrame will be active even without your school being approved.