Inviting Instructors

As a school offering lessons for students, you need instructors who want to associate with you. You can invite instructors to Real Sports Now to associate with you.

To invite instructors:

  1. Click the Instructors button at the left menu. The Instructors page is displayed where you can view the list of instructors who have accepted you and who have not yet accepted you.

        2. To invite instructors, click the Invite Instructors to Real Sports Now link.
        3. In the Invite An Instructor page, enter the required information and click Submit.

An e mail is sent to the instructor with login and password information. Inform the instructor to check the e mail and log in to Real Sports Now to confirm approval to work for you and set up the user profile. After the instructor confirms it, you will see the instructor listed and can click the Become button to edit the instructors profile, add photos, etc.

The approval status is displayed in the Status column either as Approved or as Pending. Once the instructor approves, the pending status changes to Approved and all the approved instructors form a different list as you can see in the following screenshot.

When you click the Become button, the Instructor profile page is displayed. In fact The Become button allows you to login as the instructor and see all the details what the instructor can see. You can use this to help the instructor set up the profile or view the instructor’s calendar.

        4. To view or edit the instructor profile, click the View/Edit link.
        5. To disassociate with the instructor, click the Disassociate link. Click OK in the confirmation box.