Adding Locations

You need to add locations where you are conducting the lessons. The Locations feature is used to display map locations on the student’s check out page.

If a school has a single branch but meets students for lessons at multiple locations, the Locations information is used to direct students who have booked a lesson to the specific location to learn. If the school has multiple branches/offices, then each branch/office should sign up individually to RealSportsNow.

To add a new location:

  1. Click the Locations button at the left menu. The Locations page is displayed where you can view the list of locations and also add a new location.

        2. To add a new location, click the Add a New Location link. The Add a New Location page is displayed where enter the required information and
             click Submit.

       3. To edit the existing location in the list, click the Edit button.
       4. To delete the existing location in the list, click the Delete button.