Adding Lessons

To add a lesson:

  1. Click the Lessons button at the left menu. The Lessons page displays current scheduled classes which you can edit or delete.

         2. To add  a new lesson, enter the required details in the Add Lesson area:

·         In the Lesson Name field, enter the name of the lesson. This name is displayed on the scheduling system as well as on our website. Do not include the word "Lesson" in your lesson name. Only include the sport this lesson is for if you teach multiple sports. Example (surf school that only teaches surfing): "Beginner (Private)" not "Beginner (Private) Surf Lesson"

·         Specify the Price for person in the relevant field. The amount you wish to charge each student for this lesson. This price should be inclusive of all required fees for the lesson except for tax.

·         Enter tax percentage in the Tax field. Some cities and states require tax be charged on lessons. We will charge the student this tax on your behalf in addition to the base price set above.

·         From the Sport drop-down list, choose a sport for which you are offering the lesson. Each lesson can be associated with one sport. 

·         Specify the class duration in hours and minutes using the drop-down lists. This will be displayed to students prior to booking lessons and will also be used by your calendar.

·         In the Max Attendees field, enter the maximum number of people that can attend the class. 

·         In the Description area, type any information about the lesson. The description of your lesson is very important. It should help educate the reader on what they can expect with the lesson, perhaps provide a general outline of what is taught, explain any pre-qualifications or required equipment, and encourage them to book. Remember not to mention specific instructors, times, or costs in the lesson description as all this information will be set up in other areas.

·         Click Submit.

Note: Once you save the above details and create a lesson, you must add instructors and set up times.

After you click the Submit button, the instructors’ names and timings for the whole week schedule are displayed. Recently invited instructors who have not accepted the invitation will not yet be displayed here. You will likely need to edit the lesson again at a later time to add more instructors.

·         To select the instructor, select the check box. Instructors selected for each lesson are displayed on the Real Sports Now website as being available for teaching. The instructors checked here are also available on your school scheduling calendar as options for assigning the lesson.

·         To set up the lesson timings, click the Add Time button. In the Start Time area, schedule the time for the lesson. Selecting a Location will display a map to students after checkout with directions to the location selected. It is important the correct location be selected for each lesson.

·         To copy the lesson timing from the previous day, click the Copy From Previous Day button. In the Start Time and Location fields, the
       previous day’s lesson details are displayed.

.      To delete the timings, click the Delete button.