Managing Reviews

Just as you receive questions from students, you may receive reviews from students who have attended the sports classes. In the Reviews section, you can view the reviews and set them as published or unpublished.

To manage reviews:

  1. Click the Reviews button at the left menu. The reviews are displayed with student name and date.

In fact, all the reviews that are posted to you are initially displayed in the Pending area. By previewing them, you can categorize them in the following sections:

·         Published: You can publish the review in your school profile. The review is displayed Under the Testimonials section. The student can
      also see the review in his profile.  

·         Unpublished: If you don’t want to publish the review, you can select the status as Unpublished. The review is neither displayed in
       the school profile nor in the student’s profile.

        2. To preview a review, click the View button. The review screen is displayed.

       3. From the Status drop-down list, select the status such as Published, Pending, Unpublished, and Deleted.
       4. Click Submit.