Assigning Instructors to lessons

When lessons are booked on a school page or a lesson page, an entry is made on the school’s calendar on the date selected by the student. This entry is displayed as text in green color with no line through the middle of it.

Here, one of the two following things can happen:

  • The school may click the entry and select an instructor from the dropdown list to teach the lesson. The entry will, then, display a line through the middle of the entry indicating that an instructor has been assigned to teach the lesson.


  • Instructors associated with that lesson can see it listed in their accounts when they log in. When the instructor clicks the entry, the header is displayed as This lesson is open for Booking. There is a link at the bottom I will teach this lesson, and if the instructor clicks it, then the lesson will be assigned to that instructor.

After an instructor has been selected, an entry is displayed in the school page with a line through the middle it, indicating that the lesson is assigned to an instructor.

Note: If a lesson is booked on an instructor’s profile page, the lesson will be automatically assigned to that instructor. Neither the instructor or school need to assign the lesson.