Calendar Overview

The students who are interested in the sports lessons you are offering, may book the lessons. You can see the booking schedule in the Calendar section.

When lessons are booked on a school page or a lesson page, an entry is made on the school’s calendar on the date selected by the student. This entry is displayed as text in green color with no line through the middle of it.

Here, one of the two following things can happen:

  • The school may click the entry and select an instructor from the dropdown list to teach the lesson. The entry will, then, display a line through the middle of the entry indicating that an instructor has been assigned to teach the lesson.


  • Instructors associated with that lesson can see it listed in their accounts when they log in. When the instructor clicks the entry, the header is displayed as This lesson is open for Booking. There is a link at the bottom I will teach this lesson, and if the instructor clicks it, then the lesson will be assigned to that instructor.

As the inspector clicks the lesson to select it, an entry is displayed in the school page with a line through the middle it, indicating that the lesson is assigned to an instructor.

Note: If a lesson is booked on an instructor’s page, the lesson will be automatically assigned to that instructor. Neither the instructor needs to select the I will teach this lesson link nor the school needs to select the instructor.

To view the lessons’ schedule:

  1. Click the Calendar button at the left menu. The Lesson Calendar page is displayed where you can view the date wise schedule of lessons.
  2. Click the two arrow buttons to navigate between months.
  3. To search for a reservation, enter the mail ID in the specified field and click Submit. At the bottom of the window, the statistics of lessons are displayed.
  4. Click the booking link to see the lesson details.
  5. In the Assign To drop-down list, select the instructor. In the confirmation message box, click OK. You can see a line through the middle indicating that it is no longer open.

Note: When the instructor is selected, the lesson will be displayed on the instructor’s calendar when the instructor logs in.

       6. After making other modifications, click Update.

       7. To print the monthly schedule, click the Print button. The Regular view is displayed. Other than the Regular
            view, you can switch to Financial view and Beach view.

    •  General view displays the date, time, lesson name, instructor name and attendees’ names.
    •  Financial view displays date, lesson name, attendees’ info, instructor pay details, credit details, tax, and affiliate details. The Financial view allows you to view the transaction information including the instructor pay.
    •  Beach view displays date, time, lesson, instructor name, and attendees’ names.

8. To print the month’s schedule, click the Print This Month’s Schedule button in the left pane.
9. To go back to the main account page, click the Back to Account page.
Note: Schools who do not enter information on payment processors ( Check out), cannot process payments as will be no way for the payments to go.