Six reasons RealSportsNow makes it easy to run your school


1. You want smooth operations. So do we.

Don't waste time scheduling students, instructors, and locations. RealSportsNow automates student bookings and instructor availability for you. Have a website? You can also offer your students the ability to check your schedule and book lessons on your schools website. Learn more here...

Watch a video to see how to get started.

2. Manage your instructor schedules.

Use online Instructor Management to assign your instructors to lessons. Having good instructors available for students makes all the difference when operating a school. Instructor profiles help your school stand out. Students can view your instructors, see which lessons they teach, and pay for the lesson online.

3. Schedule your students instantly.

With RealSportsNow each school and instructor has their own live calendar showing class schedule and availability. Click to see which instructors are available for a lesson and assign the lesson to them with a single click. We will email your instructors to let them know about upcoming lessons.

4. Save time.

Take advantage of Online Scheduling and Automatic Instructor Booking in RealSportsNow to get lessons booked even faster.

5. Secure Online Payments.

Accepting credit cards securely with scheduling online is often a problem. When your students book a lesson on RealSportsNow their credit card information is secure  at all times. We use a secure connection to Google Checkout or Authorize.net, your school does not need to handle sensitive online data.

6. Online Marketing & Sales System.

Using the RealSportsNow system will boost the efficiency of your school. We offer this system to schools with hopes that once your operation runs smoothly we can be your online marketing partner. We can help make your school more profitable. Learn more here...